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Re: Did you try the RX100 ?

DezM wrote:

millsart wrote:

Did you ever try the RX100 ?

I had NEX5n, and then the NEX7 which I in turn sold for a EM-5 and a X100 which provided a rather different shooting experience than any of them, in addition to LX3 and LX5 (which I still have) and honestly after getting the RX100 I sold not only the EM-5 but my X100 as well and I don't miss any of them.

I also do have several Nikon DSLR's which I use for my paid work, and that are available should I want to take them on a vacation etc (doubtful) so its certainly not a case of the RX100 being my only camera, but as far as my casual shooting camera of choice, its totally replaced everything for me.

The IQ coming from its 20meg sensor, even at higher ISO's is pretty much on par with most of the CSC's I've owned, at least with kit zooms.

My NEX's with a lens like the 24mm f1.4 were of course better, but thats a $1100 lens on a $1200 camera body and certainly couldn't fit in my pocket, and as such, I wasn't take it with me enough places to justify it. What good is an expensive camera that you don't want to carry right ?

I always did like the LX5 for its nice control layout, AEB ability etc, in addition to its 24mm equiv lens, but its output still looked like a compact, just as the G12, XZ1 etc I also tried before settling on the LX5 as my compact of choice

With the RX100 though I'm able to get images that just don't have the typical small sensor look. Its hardly a shallow DoF monster by any means, but its very much like what I'd get with a m4/3 or aps-c body with kit zoom, and yet it fits into my pocket.

All and all I've found it to be a total revolution in whats possible from a compact pocket sized camera

Its not perfect mind you, the bracketing range is poor like all Sony's, its only 28mm, it has a bulb mode but not means for a remote etc, but all and all the images are just amazing when you realize they came from something so small

Yes, I did try it at the store and loved the size but didn't like the lack of grip. Felt too slippery. I know I would've been adapt to Sony's user interface since I've been using a NEX-7, so a transition would've been easy. But I like to shoot wider than 28mm and that f/1.4 Leica lens on the Panasonic was very intriguing. The price point favored the LX7 as well. I think $650 for the RX100 is overpriced.

I hear you about the RX100. I looked at both very hard but since I own a NEX, the RX100 wasn't that important to me. I'd get the IQ and high ISO performance from the NEX-7.

Agree on bracketing and the 28mm on the Sony. Both turn-offs. The bracketing on the NEX sucks as well, so instead I do manual brackets.

Agree with you on the 'slippery' feel. Installed the Franiec 'grip' and the RX has the same great secure hold as my old LX5. Love this lil' cam, albeit the quirky/somewhat unfriendly user interface. Small size, built-in bounce flash, pleasing low light ability, great sensor/lens combo all in one package really has me smiling.

Good to see your post, and images. Take care.

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