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Re: Dxo is a questionable "organization" and . . .

woof woof wrote:

Well, that's not really the same thing or even like a remotely sensible analogy now is it?

Put simply, all that's needed is something like...

1. Camera XWZ serial number 12345 was fitted with an Oujifuji 50mm f1.4 lens serial number ABCD123. The camera setting selected were as follows, Aperture - f5, shutter speed - 1/200 sec, ISO - 100, Auto WB.

2. ...

That's all you need. No opinion or comment is required, just a description of what was done, how it was done and what the result was.

Exactly right. The problem with DxO and other review site "scores" is that it makes a "contest" out of that which really isn't, except in our own imaginations.

So while in an athletic contest we can have the concept of "cheating", it doesn't apply to cameras, since there isn't any actual contest, just collections of data. And the data is just what it is, good, bad or ugly. We may evaluate it's worth based on methods of collection and our own needs and purposes, but there isn't any "final score" extending from it.

All cameras "cheat", they all process data from sensors to make images. So what?

Maybe you notice it too. Data is boring, dry, no fun. Making it into a contest is whole lot more exciting.


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