MAC or PC for professional use.

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Re: MAC or PC for professional use.

Naninou wrote:

I am using PC but MAC is tempting
Is it really recommended to go on MAC for professional use ?

If you are very happy and comfortable with a PC, you have no reason to switch to a Mac. If there are areas of the PC that you wish you could change, you should see if the Mac does them better.

Naninou wrote:

Do you have any experience of weak points at being PC or MAC ?

If you want more hardware choices, or are obsessed about specifications and low price, you want a PC.

If you want simplicity, and if you believe that productivity depends more on the overall user experience than a list of technical specifications and you are willing to pay more for it, then you might want a Mac.

Example: Are you the kind of person who would rather buy a car that costs very little up front, but is cheaply built and may require replacement in a few years or ongoing repairs? Or would you rather pay significantly more for a more comfortable car with better build quality, that lasts a long time, and makes driving more fun? Both kinds of people are OK, you just have to know which category you are in.

Naninou wrote:

I use Ligthroom and Photoshop.

Doesn't matter, Lightroom and Photoshop run about the same on PC or Mac. If you are going to switch, you'll need other reasons.

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