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Photo Books

(I also posted this same message in the Retouching forum, but I am thinking that I will get more mileage over here since no one has responded to the first posting.)

How are you folks creating photo books?

I have LR4.1, and I know they have a photo book module, but I remember reading that it was just "OK", and a bit half-baked in its first iteration, and needs another revision or two to be viable.

Are there other dedicated pieces of software that do a better job that you can recommend? I know some web pages have their own online creation software, but then they charge you a fortune to create the book.

(i.e. Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc.)

I am due to be married in about 5 weeks, and I want to create a photo book for my fiancee of our courtship to present to her on our wedding day. Will I even have enough time to create it and get something back?

I am also looking to make other books in the future, so with that fact in mind, it might be worth the investment to buy something rather than using online creation modules. If this was the only book I would be making, it is probably ultimately less expensive to just use the online service to lay out the book and then order the book from them, even if it is a bit on the pricey side.

Thank you!

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