Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

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Re: Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

Just talking about the exposure indicator:

"0" is as metered by the camera. -1 and -2 are one and two stops under. +1 and +2 are one and two stops over. The minor markings are 1/3 increments. So -1/3 is the same as -.3 exposure compensation and 2/3 is the same as .7 exposure compensation. It's actually .3333 and .6666 so we round these out to .3 and .7.

You're right in that each adjustment we make is one click. These days cameras give you 1/3 stop adjustments. (You can change this to 1/2 increments.) In the old days you only got 1 stop adjustments. That's indeed where we got the term "stop" from. It was the clicks on your old shutter speed dial and your old aperture ring. Now our "clicks" control 1/3 stops.

We had no control over ISO because the film had to be treated as the one ISO rating. You set the ISO when you loaded the film and that was your lot. You couldn't manipulate the ISO from frame to frame.

The metering is exactly the same as that which controls your automatic exposure. Absolutely nothing magical about the "0" setting in Manual mode. A newbie trying to hit the "0" by fiddling the dials is no more controlling the camera than a more experienced photographer using P, A, S modes. In fact, it's very possible that an experienced photographer using P mode can have far more control ... using Program Shift, altering the metering method, using exposure compensation, locking the exposure...

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