Nikon DX lens confusion

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Re: Are you sure?

Mako2011 wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

The crop factor is a product of the camera's sensor, not the lens.

If you put a DX lens on a FX body and force it to take a pic without resorting to DX crop will still get a picture that looks as if the picture was indeed cropped as the image circle projected by a DX lens is different in size compared to the image circle projected by FF lenses. In that way the lens does play a part

Yes, the lenses are different. But, I would call it vignetting, not cropping. The image in the center of each shot will be identical. No crop factor difference as it is. Now, if you were to crop that central portion and magnify it to fill the frame, you would have a crop factor. But, that would be the result of the photographer's action, not the way the lens works intrinsically. That would be like putting your full full frame camera in dx mode through post processing. At least, that is the way I see it. (Have to be more humble after my last mistake).

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