DP2m Lens Distortion Problem

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RE:Optical illusion

adegroot wrote:

3. the sea water level line is 100% straight; I laid a large ruler over my monitor at the water level of your photo's original size. Straight as can be. Not one curve to be seen, not even a tiny one. Total optical illusion.

Measuring in Photoshop on the largest image gave me 0.8% distortion, which equals 4 pixels max deviation

0.8% is a moderately good normal lens. A good one can vary from 0.3 to 1.2%.

2nd photo: Put your camera on a tripod, put a dark cloth over your head and the back of the DP2M and recompose: make sure your camera's back is 100% parallel to the object you are shooting, and voila, your lines should be just fine. The path of the light going through the lens is to be 100% perpendicular. No camera would be that far off. You don't have a bad camera. The closer you get to an object, the more crucial it si to have this perpendicular/parallel alignment. This is elementary, my dear Watson.

If its the edge of a photo and it is laying 100% flat on the table, then it does not matter how you hold the camera. The edge will always be straight in a lens without distortion. That is what my program for fixing distortion measures. I promise you - it works.

There are three possible explanations.

  1. the image did not lay flat.

  2. the lens distorts when focussing closer

  3. the edge of the photo is not straight

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