Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

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Re: Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

Menneisyys wrote:

1. noone knows right now what the WP8 phones will have. Nokia spoke of 21Mpixel modules back in Feb-March. However, it's not known whether they have managed to put better hardware in their WP8 model in the meantime.

Aren't you concerned about the general trend in modern OSs? Why does the new Nexus 7 Tab omit a simple MicroSD slot? Why can't you Bluetooth songs or ringtones with your i-phone?

Besides the lobotomized Pureview, WP8 phone will just have more and more lockdowns--clearly the endgame is total control over "our" files stored only in "their" cloud. Why would you support this?

I like the clean and simple Symbian OS in the 808--I'm free to do anything with my files. I can Bluetooth my pics back and forth to my PC with my $5 unsigned by Microsoft el-cheap-o Bluetooth adapter. Good thing I don't "upgrade" from XP to a newer Windows cheap unsigned Bluetooth adapter won't work there, o-no. The new "features" in the upgraded Windows OS fixed that.

I'm baffled why people get so excited over upgrading OS when clearly, newer OSs only offer more and more lockdowns and restrictions. I just want my OS as small and clean as possible and stay the F out of my business with my files. Symbian works and stays out of my way.

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