best external monitor for retina macbook?

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Re: best external monitor for retina macbook?

I have been looking at this very same issue, having the MBPr and wanting a 27" monitor. I spent many hours researching, looking at various Korean IPS displays, the Dells and such. Last Friday I went to local Best Buy with my MBPr, they had the new Apple ThunderBolt 27" display on sale for $950. They also had an open box for $95 off. After hooking up the display and MBPr I was sold, everything just works, and the display is amazing. The only issue is the new display has power for the MBP as a pigtail off the TB connector. You need the $10 1/4" Mag 2 adapter for the power.

The new TB display is actually a docking station, with camera, speakers, mike, 3 USB ports, 1GB Ethernet port, Firewire port and Thunderbolt port. The TB connector/cable is built in. It even works with my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard, so the MBPr stays closed under the display.

So for $855 this isn't such a bad deal IMO.

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