Strap or harness for hiking with my 5N

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Re: Strap or harness for hiking with my 5N

ChangshaNotes wrote:

I often use a variety of standard messenger bags or backpack sling type bags that are not dedicated to cameras but when I just want to take my 5N out and about without other equipment, I've been using the Black Rapid SnapR 20. SnapR Bag / Strap » It's a little snug for my 5N with the SEL 50mm 1.8 that I walk around with or the kit lens but really is convenient.

The camera is attached to the strap like the the standard Black Rapid sling straps and can hang outside the bag on the hip for quick access with a slide action as you bring it up to shoot but also slips into the bag without detaching and then acts as any over the shoulder bag. The bag can be eliminated all together and then it acts only as a shoulder sling. It also comes with a wrist strap that uses the system but I haven't used that yet. It has two side zippered pockets about iPhone size. When not using the bag or using, the strap is thin and small enough that it doesn't look like overkill for the small camera like so many of the slings do that are really made for large DSLRs.

As I said its snug but there is a larger model SnapR 35 that might be better for some.

Thanks, this looks like the most ideal system for me so far, and it looks flexible to situations not just the outdoors.

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