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Re: AF techies please

Ray Sachs wrote:

Those are all pretty fast lenses. And assuming you mean the Oly 45, they're all reasonably new except for the 7-14, but wide angles tend to focus more quickly to begin with.

Yes, I meant the Oly 45mm. That and my new Oly 75mm are nothing short of amazing. The 7-14 is also faster AF wise than I would ever need it to be. I was actually considering the Panny 25mm to fill the gap, but I hear that there may be a new wide zoom coming down the road with a little more reach. I may wait to hear what happens with that. If it goes from 7 - 17.5 and is reasonable fast, that may be just fine with me.

There's too much about m43 in general and the OMD specifically I like to standardize everything on the Fuji. I have the 75-300 too and there's no way I'd want that much reach in a lens for the X-Pro - it would likely be huge.

I didn't consider this, but that is a VERY relevant point.

I like the IBIS way more than any lens based stabilization I've seen. I like the range of lenses from multiple manufacturers. I love the flip up touch screen. I occasionally even like the 9 FPS burst mode. Etc. I'll stick with wide to neutral primes with the Fuji and do everything else with the OMD.

All pretty strong arguments for ownership of both systems. I like your style!

I'm OK with the OMD IQ most of the time and happy to have the Fuji for variety. I like having a really modern camera/system and a more traditional setup also - keeps me honest.

Too big for me, but I'm sure it'll add some technology that'll find it's way into something I'll buy down the line. It's all good, or most of it anyway.

For sure. There is also the rumor of a more Pro OMD down the line.


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