Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

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Re: Nokia 808 Pureview now, or Nokia Lumia with Pureview later?

technic wrote:

Alupang wrote:

But experienced photographers know super wides are harder to make and much more expensive---the Zeiss 26mm f2.4 superwide in the Nokia 808 is worth the price of the phone alone imo.

fully agree about the value of superwide (although 26mm doesn't feel superwide to me, 24mm effective is my favorite focal length on DSLR).

I've always been torn between 24mm and 28mm effective as my favorite length. So for me the 26mm is SUPER.

I doubt this lens is so expensive to make, it is tiny and mechanically very simple. With higher production numbers the price could go down a lot IMHO, much of the cost is probably the initial R&D.

I meant for fixed full frame lenses...a 26mm f2.8 effective more complicated and expensive than, say, a 40-50mm with even larger aperture.

The Zeiss lens inside the 808 has 5 aspheric elements covering a 1" sensor and is pretty dang sharp accross the frame at its only aperture=f2.4. Very nice indeed.

Ever price out Zeiss lenses for full frame? Just saying...

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