Spec of something on 60d mirror that won't come off!

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m chalkley
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Re: Yes I've cleaned my mirror.

Thanks for that.

It's the smallest spec you can possibly imagine but it won't come off with a blower so I assume it's a spec of white grease from inside the camera. Especially being new.

As long as it don't affect images that's ok. It's about 10 times smaller the a full stop when writing with a biro.

ppage wrote:

When I had a 450D I used the same Pec pads and Eclipse fluid to clean the mirror that I use for the sensor. I was very careful I did get rid of the dirt but I scratched the mirror. I lived with the scratches for a couple of years before using them as part of the justification for getting a 50D.

Based on that experience I'd rather live with dirt on my mirror as it doesn't affect photographs.... HOWEVER, if you're looking for an excuse to get a new camera...


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