Not happy with my roses

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Re: Not happy with my roses

100% crop w/ kit lens and 5N. Sample of f/5.6 v. f/9, f/9 being softer. Same results for the set I shot at 28mm. This is easy enough stuff to check for yourself. All you need is a well lit target, camera, and tripod. I used the remote release for this, OSS off. f/10 looked softer yet. Since OP is looking for sharpness improvement, this along with other good techniques mentioned can help.

Focus point is on the notes under the D7 pencil mark.

creeker wrote:

Letsgokoulos wrote:

I am very amazed at this statement. As far as I know and for APS-C, the diffraction limit is between f11 and f16 (closer to f16).

But I admit not being a specialist on the subject, so it would be interesting if you can explain what sustains your claim.


Oxheart wrote:

For one, stop shooting at f/9! It's above the diffraction limit, and IQ starts to degrade. Shoot at f/5.6 or less.

I agree, f/9 is not above the diffraction limit.

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