DP2m Lens Distortion Problem

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Re: DP2m Lens Distortion Problem

I do see the curve in your versions online, but wonder if that's in ALL photos (?)

FWIW I've put the first of my shoreline scenes online at flickr link below. Many more to come.
My horizons seem okay, except when I don't hold the monopod/camera level.

Incidentally I find on this DP2Merrill set on 17-Mile Drive, Carmel, CA, that auto wb seems to match reality more than sunlight wb! standard colormode. And matches up with the Canon 5DII set on daylight wb.

I have a daylight wb version online as well as JPEG straight from camera, which is in daylight wb, as I had the camera set to dwb (or sunlight wb... same thing... both terms are used in SPP)

Best regards, Sandy
http://www.pbase.com/sandyfleischman (archival)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandyfleischmann (current, DP2Merrill, new photos)

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