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Re: Nex-5R or Nex-7 - lets score an answer!

I don't think anyone can advise you unless you say what you want to photograph. If its a "general purpose snapshooter" (no insult intended - that's my usage model too) where any of these features might be of use, you should try adding a score (out of 10) for each differentiating feature, and compute the total score for each camera. Then when you go to the camera store you know what you should buy (but could always buy the alternative if, say, it fits your hands better!)...

Lets try this on your criteria - example scores are mine though so you need to adjust for your needs and desires:

delme35 wrote:

Here are some PRO of each cam for me.

Pro Nex-5r

  • may be better AF = 5/10 as we don't do much action photography

  • WiFi = 3/10 as the workflow probably doesn't help us much for posting on flickr

  • 16.1 MP ??? = 5/10 as this is OK

  • better low ISO = 9/10 = useful at dusk and indoors

  • Picture Quality ??? = 5/10 as this is so subjective

Pro Nex-7

  • Tri Navi = 4/10 as we don't change these too much

  • EVF & Flash can be used together = 1/10 as EVF ain't so good in the dark...

  • Size of the Body = 2/10 as smaller is better really

  • 24MP (is that really necessary ?) = 6/10 OK for some crops

Avg 5r score = 5.4/10 vs Avg 7 score = 3.25/10

So the NEX-5r wins per these criteria - but you may want to add some more (eg NEX 7 has an EVF!). You could also score each camera for each feature to make it more realistic, then you can weight the importance of each criteria as well...

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