MAC or PC for professional use.

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Go with comfort. I switched from PC to Mac as my primary desktop this year, but I have a lot of machines that run Windows, Linux, OS X, and even Solaris at home (I'm a bit nutty this way). I went to the Mac for my personal use just because I like and prefer the interface and I have quick access to powerful UNIX tools when I need them. I'm just a UNIX guy at heart.

However, if you're really familiar and comfortable with Windows and not so familiar with OS X, then I think you're best to stick with what you know. The big reason for that is just getting your business rolling because you want to minimize the variables you have to learn. At some point, when things are smooth, then look at the possibility of a switch or even a mixed environment. Nothing wrong with a mixed environment, it lets you choose the appropriate tool for the job.

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