D800 motorsport, what am I doing wrong?

Started Sep 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,080
Too short and too close

grant Harris wrote:

Went to my local motor circuit to try out my D800, was shooting at either 1/160 or 1/200 at F/11, the cars were almost running across the frame left to right but the front of the cars on most of them seems to be blurred.

I also took some pictures with my 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikon with the same result. Pictures of static objects are pin sharp.
What am I doing wrong?

For steady panning, you need to be much further away from high-speed subjects, using a telephoto.

Trying to track a high-speed subject that's close presents two difficulties: 1) Angular rate is very high, and 2) Angular acceleration/deceleration is also high, as your subject approaches and departs. Those factors make accurate panning almost impossible to achieve, and also add a speed component along the optical axis for the ends of the car, i.e. a zooming effect which you cannot cancel.

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