RX100 - very impressed with DXO Optics

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Re: RX100 - very impressed with DXO Optics

Yes, you could use IDC for basic conversion, especially if your exposure or WB was way off, and then do the rest in Photoshop. But completely turning off the NR puts a lot of work on PS to fix. It would be better to use a third-party NR program in that case.

So try this: How does the default IDC conversion compare to the OOC JPEG? Do you gain anything using Raw?

Taking your suggestion, I did a quick default conversion looking only at center sharpness (a complete comparison of 2 or 3 Raw converters is a lot of work). I found that DxO clearly resolved more detail and IDC was slightly worse than the OOC JPEG.

On more thing you could try: Both DxO and the Release Candidate for Lightroom have free trial versions you can download. And since you may have Photoshop, you could download the latest free Adobe DNC converter, set it up for your version of PS and then use the ACR you have in your version of PS.


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