25 quotes on photography That You Should Know :)

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Hennie de Ruyter
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Re: I guess some of the guys here...Mr. Bean

rsn48 wrote:

I can't believe a video that is obviously humour has become a discourse on video versus the written word, just shows you the power of the marginally challenged as they take over an agenda. I guess these less than the brightest light on the Xmas tree would also like a Mr. Bean episode all in a written article...lol! What a sad commentary on a light topic.

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"Photography is, indeed, an inclusive language."
Ansel Adams

In some parts of the world (like South Africa where I stay) watching videos on the Net is just too slow and expensive. So for us it is either the written word or we completely miss out.

If I were to transfer the contents of a 500GB hard disk to a location in the USA (which is on the other side of the planet) it will be cheaper for me to fly there and hand the disk over on person than it would be to use our extremely overpriced and slow Internet services.

TV/Video on the Net is not yet for us. Even viewing large pictures are a no-no.

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