Draggins and Damsels FZ200

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gt mike
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Re: Draggins and Damsels FZ200

LTZ470 wrote:

ASR45 wrote:

Question, these are excellent but are they with any add ons the detail seem to good for macro ?

Thanks Alan, they were all done with the 52mm Canon 500D attached to the end of the FZ200 lens...I think it will do better once I have the LA7 Adapter...

Your shots are excellent. A few quick questions. Is the close up lens usable for the entire zoom? Why would you get better with the LA7 adapter.... if the close up lens is on the adapter, would not the lens always need to be at full zoom. i have never used a close up lens so i do not really know how they function.

On the panny site i am bit confused. It shows the accessories for the FZ200.
It lists the Lumix DMW-LA5 and a close up lens DMW-LC55.


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