75/1.8 vs 40-150 A Comparison

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Re: 75/1.8 vs 40-150 A Comparison

To be honest the images (I don't own one) I've seen posted with the 40-150 have been rather positive; I think mostly due to high contrast than raw resolution.

The 40-150 is very good, as has been amply demonstrated in this forum. I'm glad to have it in my outfit (especially given it's light weight). It's biggest weakness for me is edge/corner softness (see my latest post), which may or may not be important depending on the image. But it's an excellent lens.

I'll probaby pick one up next time it is on sale. The big advantage of the 75f1.8 (I think) is that it is 3 stop faster.

Yes, that's a given and is why I bought it (for portrait work). For daytime landscape work that's not an issue, of course. It's way too long for typical landscape work, but I think it will come in handy in the long distance vistas in the southwest US. I'm looking forward to using it, say, at the Grand Canyon. When I see those typical wide angle shots from the rim, I always see interesting detail compositions within them. I'm hoping the 75/1.8 will allow me to reach into the scene for some of those.

I'm torn about this aspect of the e-m5; while i like that it performs well at iso 1600; I really wish it supported an iso of 25 or 50 for those days when you want a slower shutter speed on a fast lens (I'm constantly forced to use slower fstop on bright days).

Yes, and I was happy to read that the GH3 will have iso 100.


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