75/1.8 vs 40-150 A Comparison

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Another Condideration - The Edges

While the 40-150/78mm image is good enough to raise the legitimate question of whether the difference would be noticeable in any print up to, say, 11x14 (the largest my printer will make), there is another consideration - the edges and corners.

This screen shot shows the same two images from which the last two center crops were taken (75 @ 4.0 and 78 @ 4.7), except these versions, both open in CS5 at 50%, show the extreme left edge instead of the center. Both images have had the same sharpening and slight contrast increase.

It's easy to see how much the zoom version (bottom) has degraded. One of the outstanding features of the 75/1.8 is it's edge/corner sharpness. Most of my m43 lenses produce images that soften to some degree at the edges and corners (20/1.7, 14-45, 40-150, 100-300). Only the 45/1.8 comes close to this (not quite, but close). For a landscape photographer this is an important consideration and I often compose a bit wide to allow cropping out any obvious softness.

So I'm delighted to have a lens with such good performance and I will be taking it on the Arizona/Utah trip. I'm confident that I'll find some good use for it in that environment.


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