soft proof vs preview before printing

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Re: soft proof vs preview before printing

thx for the replies,
to make it more clear:

1) I am sure that color management is turned off in the printer's driver...
2 and View/Gamut Warning (Shift-Ctrl-Y) is enabled to see the gamut warning..
I have no problems with this gamut thing since I usually print black and white.

My problem is all the colors of my image change when the "preview before print" screen displays...The tone of the colors is totally different than it's original form (when I first open it in cs5)
It is also different than the soft proofed form.

and this "print preview" form is the most closeset one to the output.. (paper)

if print preview is the most closest one to the output, then what is the reason for soft proofing and selecting the already loaded priner profiles and realted papers from the list?

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