Painted Ladies (butterfly)

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Re: Painted Ladies (butterfly)

Thanks for the comments.

Your damselfly is a male Eastern Forktail... I think! (I am a chemist not a biologist!)

You did not ask for comments on this one, but I can't help myself.

You have a nice sharp subject and a nicely out of focus background. But... and there is always a "but" ;-)... it seems a bit underexposed. Try brightening it up a bit.

Also consider cropping the frame a bit as there is some dead space on the bottom and left of the frame. Try a 4:5 crop with the insects head at the upper left rule of third intersection.

I use a 4:5 ratio crop for almost all of my closeup photos. The subjects I photograph just seem to fit better in the squarer format. Of course it could just be "old habits die hard"!

Here is one of my recent photos of the same species, a female ovipositing:

(Click on the "zoom out" or "open in new window" image control to see the photo without DPRs attempt at re-sizing.) I only post small (600 pixel) versions of my photos because I have had too many "appropriated" without my permission over the years.

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