nikon 55/2.8 and 105/4 macros on x pro 1

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Re: nikon 55/2.8 and 105/4 macros on x pro 1

Sorry, no experience with the 105 macro (I use the Nik 105/2.5, but not for macro work). But I have used the Micro 55 with Kiron adapter from day one, and it's my standard lens for copy and studio work. The combination is absolutely brilliant. The manual focus is perfect for the Fuji, smooth and with the right throw, and you can identify the proper distance without opening the f/stop to max aperture. It's already my best lens in this focal range at full aperture, even near infinity, and the borders get better bits of information to f5.6 where for me you get the best result. If I need more depth of field my limit is f/11: at f/16 a slight loss of contrast is visible. No distortion, no flare (but I admit I don't shoot with the sun just in the frame, to see what happens).

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