MAC or PC for professional use.

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Re: MAC or PC for professional use.

I use both, all screens are calibrated and results are the same whatever pc/mac you use.

Consider that if you buy a Mac you will pay for the equivelent pc about 3 times as much, and when a new model comes out you will get good residual value out of the Mac whereas the PC will be junk. Another consideration in favour of a PC that after 3 years the specification would have gone up and it didn't cost a lot in the first place so you can buy another.

Also consider after sales service Mac is about the best if you have a problem take it to the Genius bar and they deal with it. On the other hand when you buy your pc find out how much a minute support is, the manufacturers rip your arm for the phone call costs.

With Apple you have the extra 2 year option warranty although please be aware if you are in the UK the laws are that the item should be fit for the purpose for up to 6 years.

I could go on a lot longer but I have work to do.

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