LX7 Quick Observations

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LX7 Quick Observations

Some quick observations of LX7 after a couple of days of using it. I have to admit, I wasn't that impressed with the output of the LX7 in my night (or sunset) shots: noise in the skies and not very sharp subjects in the distance. I guess that was to be expected after getting spoiled with using my Sony NEX-7 and digital SLR in the same situations. Auto focus was quick and accurate but the noise levels are not up to par (as I said, expected), even at ISO 80 or 100 on a tripod. I'll stick to my mirrorless or SLR for my night work and use the LX7 as first intended: my everyday, general carry-along camera. In good light and if your subject is close, the LX7 shines.

  • As for a couple of the new features: In-camera Panorama mode and in-camera HDR mode are a disappointment. The panning in the panorama mode isn't wide enough, exports to Jpeg only and renders a "painting"-like image. Looks more like a digital painting than it does a photograph. The in-camera HDR does the same, but even worse. I'd rather stick to + or - 3.0 EV bracketing and manual merge for HDR in post. The Sony NEX-7 does a much better job in it's Panorama and Auto HDR mode. Panasonic should take a peek at how they do it over there at Sony.

  • HD video and audio recording is clean. I like the ability to record in either AVCHD or MP4. Anyone explain to me the differences in the two? I know the MP4 is compressed (yet more widely universal for devices) but I can't tell the differences in quality.

  • At f/1.4, the Leica lens is a dream. Nice DOF and ability to shoot at higher shutter speeds in the 24mm to 90mm range, although the lens stops down at f/2.3 which is pretty fast at that focal length

  • The Aperture ring and built-in ND filter is very handy.

  • AF and startup and pretty much all operations are very quick.

  • I'd like for Auto ISO to work in Manual mode. As it is, it's grayed out. I like that feature in my SLR and would like it in this enthusiast camera.

  • Still have to get used the redesigned Q.Menu and location of settings on the external controls.

  • Lacks wireless remote ability. Why??!! And you can't use the 2-second timer when bracketing. I used to be able to with the LX3/LX5.

You can add your own insight, abilities, comments or quirks of the LX7 in your reply.


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