DxOMark still silent on the E-M5

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Re: DxO Labs lays down some E-M5 tested performance limits ...

But in addition to claiming:

Short of a truly bad surprise, the Pentax K-01 will provide superior image quality to that of the OM-D E-M5 because it uses a sensor renowned for its sensitivity and dynamic range, the 16Mpix CMOS (which fits into the APS-C’s intrinsically larger body) .


On the same page they also write:

Lacking integrated stabilization, a tropicalized finish, and OLED screen technology, the Panasonic Pen E-P3 is soundly beaten by the much more upscale Olympus OM-D E-M5. But the two hybrid cousins share the same sensor and video mode, and further, they share the same autofocus system speed.

This sentence - apart from the obvious typo on the Panasonic model number - also states that the OMD and Panasonic share the same sensor, which we now know is not the case. The whole piece gives the impression of having been written rapidly from the perspective of pre-conception rather than being a serious piece of research.

Compared to DPReview reviews there is little to suggest we should have any confidence in statements made by DxO labs.

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