Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Odd statement from the owner of Elinchrom

Kevin Hotorton wrote:
RayR wrote:

so you're paying them £40 per head to have the honour of paying them another £300 for a new battery and a new charger.

Not all heads need to be modified and with the "A" heads its quite easy to see if they require it. But with the "S" heads its more difficult as its based o the serial number and not all of them had serial numbers on It may be that they are earlier heads so need upgrading but its a pain having to send them in for confirmation.

I have had several "old" Quadra packs updated to the latest "RX" model which was at a reasonable cost and the although this wasn't necessary to use the Li_ion batteries the brighter pad and wifi capabilities made it worthwhile.

Although I really don't like having to pay for the head upgrade the new batteries are a great update to the Quadra line - I have 6 packs and the savings on weight when travelling has been very welcome and its also reduced my excess luggage fees considerably as I now have one less case to carry.

I have confirmed the 'A' heads I have would need to be modified to make them work with the new battery. I'm having an ongoing email exchange with Chris Whittle the manager of The Flash Centre (who also happens to be the brother of the CEO of Elinchrom in Switzerland) about this issue.

Upgrading the packs to the RX standard makes sense as it does deliver an "upgrade" and the upgrade is around £110

Paying £40 per head to have the heads modified, which delivers no benefit apart from allowing you to spend another £300 (1 x new Lithium-Ion battery and a Lithium Ion charger) seems unfair to me and I'm sure is annoying many users of the first generation heads and will result in a significant percentage of them choosing NOT to buy the new battery. The issue with the heads appears to have been an oversight in the design and manufacture of the first generation heads and I'm trying to get more details of exactly why the heads won't work with the new battery.

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