Nex-5R or Nex-7

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7 is above 5R or 6

JPG wrote:

Actually, I wouldn't buy a camera that does not have a viewfinder, that's why bought the NEX-7. I could do without the tri-navigation system, but I can't do without the viewfinder.

I agree that the 7's EVF is a huge win... although the tri-navi is darn nice too.

To state the obvious, the 5R and 7 are not intended to be comparables -- that's why the 5 and 7 prefixes. If you can afford a 7 (and the newness of the 5R will tend to make the price gap artificially small), I cannot imagine preferring the 5R unless you need the somewhat smaller size body or the wifi remote control. The 6 will be a closer call -- just as 6 is closer to 7.

The top of the line cameras don't always get refreshed as often as lower models, but when Sony thinks the 7 isn't better than a 6, there will be a new 7. If you can wait for a new 7 -- or 8 or 9 (which might be full frame) -- then you'l get something better still.

For now, careful use of those 24MP gives images that outclass every other APS-C contender, even edging-out the A77. The NEX-7 is actually more competitive with most full frame DSLRs... although it can't touch the Sony sensor in the D800, which bodes very well for future full frame Sonys.

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