What to do with PowerShot S95.....

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Re: What to do with PowerShot S95.....

This thread has gone a bit 'off the boil' now and I haven't read all the posts although enough I think to see that there is a fairly common sort of query asked.. why..an update to what has to be very much a similar camera...

But I used and still have kept my own S95...given me a lot of excellent pics and pleasure in use..mainly because it is so readily caried..quite literally a shirt top-pocket if you wanted it that way (what others do that !!!) .. but I just had a yen for the Olympus XZ-1 for the simple reason that I like Oly.. had a few before and none have been a bad buy...and whilst it is NOT the shirt-pocket size of the S95, nevertheless it is very very carryable.. and in just a few little ways I think you can probably call it a little improvement on the S95. Frankly I see no other as a true replacement AND improvement.. I think 'improvement' in the way you normally think of that, is in the way another camera works for you..plus of course the carryability - or ease of - and what I think IS just a few little things the XZ-1 does do just a bit better.. in what I've used it for anyway.

Anyway - no further word from the OP so I hope these various comments given here may have been of some use at least ...

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