Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

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Re: Manual mode vs apeture or shutter prority

happysnapper64 wrote:

I started off using auto, like most beginners do,when I started in photography less than a year ago, just to get used to handling what was my first camera. After a few weeks, I tried AV, TV & M, & I just felt more comfortable at the time using manual. However, after some disappointing results in less favourable & changeable conditions, I realised I needed to take some of the guesswork out of it & started using, mostly AV. I occasionally go back to Manual just to see if I have learned anything, But now I use AV probably 75% of the time. I found the loss of exp comp in M was a drawback for me personally, but I am always willing to try anything to make my images better.

Of course you have exposure compensation in Manual! Underexpose or overexpose, a 1/3 of a stop, 2/3 of a stop or a stop. Exactly the same result as .3 (third of a stop) or .7 (2/3 of stop) or 1.0 (a stop) exposure compensation. Normally, if you're using the camera's metering, you aim for the "0" on the light metering indicator, yes? Go one minor indicator towards the minus... third of a stop under (-.3 exposure compensation), two minor indicators (-.7 exposure compensation) one major indicator (-1.0 exposure compensation).

When you're using the camera's built-in metering there's no magic at all. All roads lead to Rome! Just different ways of getting there.

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