GX1 vs NEX 5N

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Re: GX1 vs NEX 5N

dwd3885 wrote:

it looks like the GX1's built-in flash can be popped up for bounce as well. I think I may go with that. Only $394 on Amazon Warehouse Deals

This is a good deal.
If you shoot raw, sony is better, from DXOmark

Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1
Overall Score [?] 55
Portrait (Color Depth)[?] 20.8 bits
Landscape (Dynamic Range)[?] 10.6 Evs
Sports (Low-Light ISO)[?] 703 ISO

Sony NEX-7
Overall Score [?] 81
Portrait (Color Depth)[?] 24.1 bits
Landscape (Dynamic Range)[?] 13.4 Evs
Sports (Low-Light ISO)[?] 1016 ISO

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