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Re: AF techies please

Okay, I'll bite. Chances are you didn't get responses for 5 days because your post has a troll quality to it, even though you do speak highly of the Fuji IQ. Another reason for a lack of a response is that you're asking about specifics in the new Fuji bade that none of us know anything about—will it be the exact same internals (in terms of focussing) as the XP1, or will it be something a bit different? Your question seems to assume that it will be the same, but there's no way of knowing yet.

In any case, the lens design could make a huge difference, as the 18mm is faster than the 35 and a good bit faster than the 60. So if the new X lenses have very fast focussing motors in them, and are designed to move smaller elements rather than larger ones, there could be substantial AF speed improvement. But you will need to consider the OLY lenses also—compare lenses with similar effective (in terms of DOF) apertures. In other words, using an f4 OLY lens v an f2 Fuji lens would not be a fair test, as the necessary focus accuracy on an f4 lens is not as great.

Firmware can also speed things up, probably looking back over a year of X100 posts will be very illustrative in this regard.

I've got to say that even if the AF speed was made to match the EM5, I think the Fuji will still be a slower, more deliberate camera to use. And while I did choose it largely for its remarkable IQ, I've seen some really lovely images from the EM5.

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