NEX 5n Users, do you have the OLED Viewfinder?

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Have it, love it, wouldn't live without it...

I bought the NEX3 as a second body backup to my DSLR - I liked it and it filled its purpose...but it was just that - a second body for occasional fill-in duty when I didn't want to carry the DSLR around. I was able to shoot with it, AF or manual lenses, but I felt like I was just using it to save weight or space, not because I genuinely enjoyed using it as much as a DSLR.

When the NEX-5N was announced, I pretty much knew that I wanted to get at the optional EVF - a majority of the reason for making the upgrade from the NEX3 was the EVF. And from day one when it arrived, I knew it was going to transform the NEX experience completely - it was a second body that was much more an equal to the DSLR, and much more pleasurable to shoot with even for every day use, or even preferring to take it over the DSLR some days, not just because of the weight savings. For me, it's got nothing to do with sunlight visibility - it's all about the shooting stance and feel - shooting with a viewfinder is much more natural for me - camera to the face, arms braced more stably, much more steady. I simply enjoy shooting much more when the camera has a viewfinder, it works significantly better for shooting moving subjects, it's much better for me to acquire focus and remain more stable and level shooting with longer lenses - basically, the EVF virtually never leaves my NEX-5N. I may occasionally remove it when I want to go as inconspicuous as possible - 16mm lens, no EVF, camera slid into a jacket or tux pocket for bringing to a dinner party or while on a cruise. But the rest of the time - it stays on there, and the NEX-5N is a wonderful second body to my DSLR - a near-equal alternative I can choose to go light, go small, or just because I want to.

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