Ricoh's bridging the gap

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Re: Ricoh's bridging the gap

spacelounge wrote:

You're not part of Rioch's target group anyway. (obviously)
Go on and join Olympus or Panasonic or Sony, whatever. It's all the same.

What's your logic for saying that, or do you just not know what you're talking about?

Joel Stern wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Still, Pentax Ricoh have a large booth (two actually) at Photokina, and they can't be showing all Pentax, or all last year's Ricoh models, so surely we'll see something from them.

Ricoh may be the best secret keepers of all tech companies!

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Yes, and the ones who are most arrogant. People only follow a company for so long until they start to try other options, and I am close. I only hold out because I know what Ricoh can do, but will they?

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