Entry level vs pro (what makes them pro?)

Started Sep 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
GarageBoy Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: Entry level vs pro (what makes them pro?)

Reliability and familiarity is key

A guy making money off of photography wants his camera to go bang every time and hopefully be able to replace it with something similar when it dies so he does not need to relearn how to use the thing.

Pro support was also a benefit (well back in the day, you had Nikon House, etc)

BTW: pentaprism means just that, a five sided prism. This used to be standard on every SLR camera out there in the world, until camera manufacturers decided that "hey, we can't offer these expensive parts on $500 cameras if we want to make money", so lower end DSLRs use pentamirrors, which are dimmer, but less expensive

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