raw+jpeg, a challenge for rx100 owners

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Some important functionality missing when using RAW

gteague wrote:

is this true? since i switched to jpg+raw i haven't actually taken any shots involving any of the above, but my dro settings were still there and the panorama mode was not locked.

i would definitely not use raw+jpg if i lost hdr, dro, and pano modes as a consequence. is there a section of the manual that states this expressly, or is it scattered out through each pertinent section?

On my RX100, when I am in raw+jpg, the DRO setting is available, but if I try to select HDR-auto (the multi-frame dynamic range enhancement), I get the error message "RAW/RAW+J invalid with this image quality setting". But if I change it to jpg, then it is available.

The clear image zoom and digital zoom are both greyed out.

If I try to select ISO-auto (multi-frame noise reduction), I get the same error message.

When I switch to the pano mode, the Quality setting is not available at all. It just goes to jpg.

If I choose the anti-motion-blur scene mode (multi-frame noise reduction), I cannot choose RAW or RAW+jpg. Same with hand-held twilight scene mode.

So on the RX100, I believe that if you shoot RAW+jpg, you no longer have access to any of the multi-frame features (HDR, ISO-auto, anti-motion-blur, twilight, pano), and you also lose the clear image & digital zooms.

This is at the very top of my wish list for a firmware update - enable these features for RAW+jpg.

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