DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

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Re: Sorry, you talk nonsense


Tokina, become a partner of Pentax, division of Hoya Corporation and jointly developed some lenses. These will be available under thePentax and Schneider Kreuznach D-Xenon and D-Xenogon brands in Pentax K mount and under the Tokina brand for all other lens mounts. However, the research center, design and engineering teams of these two companies are completely independent.The co-developed lenses share main optical designs but have different barrel structures and coatings. They also have some other different features. For example, the Tokina AT-X Pro 12-24mm II comes with built-in silent focusing motor, while the Pentax version has screwdrive autofocus. Another example is that Tokina AT-X Pro 16-50mm and 50-135mm have only screw-drive autofocus and no weather-sealing, but Pentax version have both features.

Something from wikipedia.

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