why small CCDs are a bad idea

Started Jan 22, 2003 | Discussions thread
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why small CCDs are a bad idea

let's argue shall we?

I'll just give you one reason (I'll forget about the DOF for the moment)

comparing the HR sensor with the current one in use with 602 you see that it has twice as much photo sites on the same chip size

simple logic tells you that pixels must be quite a bit smaller (not necessarily half size) so a lot less sensitive to light... that of course leads to more noise which is a bad thing I'm sure you all agree

SR sensor... the way I see it they solved the highlights end of the spectrum with an interesting concept but since the S part (photodiode) of the photosite is even smaller than the one in HR sensor (which itself is extremely small) it is even less sensitive to light and produces even more noise

please someone explain to me why this is a good idea...

If someone wants to discuss why smaller sensors are bad in terms of DOF let me know

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