DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

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Re: DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

marike6 wrote:

Prices of two of the better SDM lenses have been almost doubled.

DA 50-135 Old price was $899 new price (are you seated) $1525.95.


DA 16-50 Old price was around $799. New Price $1424.95


This is an outrage. I recently purchased a K-30, and several lenses. I was saving up for the 50-135, but I would never in a million years pay almost double the price. It's a good lens, but it doesn't even have a tripod collar. I don't know if Pentax thinks this is equivalent to a Nikon 70-200 2.8, but it is not. It is essentially a rebranded Tokina 50-135 (keep in mind the Tokina has a tripod collar). The previous price, $899 seems about right for such a lens. $1524, no way.

If any of the forum members find this new pricing to be as outrageous as I do please write to Pentax and let them know that we are not going to stand for it. I'm a huge fan of Pentax gear, but have absolutely no qualms about moving to Nikon if this becomes a trend (or if they don't correct this absurd price gauging for these two lenses).

Pentax APS-C as a system just became a whole lot less attractive to me. I feel badly that Ricoh / Pentax aren't doing as well as some of the other brands, but as a loyal user, I refuse to be soaked. Pentax hasn't updated their lenses in years, and the few lenses that are SDM, they are going to double the prices of. It's absolutely insane and frankly, bad business when competition is so high in the DSLR world.

Sorry for the rant, but I am not at all happy about this development.

The price increase was somewhat predictable for two reasons:

1) Amazon has maintained the higher price for both lenses.

2) Amazon just offered a rebate of $75 for the lenses; so, I anticipated there would be a "price adjustment" by sites that listed the lens below that of Amazon.

My suggestion is: Hold tight. It is unlikely the prices will rise from here. I suspect you will see the prices eventually come back down. Over the last several months, the prices have been yo-yo(ing). As Pentax continues to lose market share (and they will unless their new releases are home-runs), they won't be able to charge a premium for the equipment. Prices will come down.

Pentax makes good equipment and used to charge a fair price, but I am going to hold off giving them any more of my hard earned $ for 6-9 months until the market is clearer.

I do feel your pain. I, too, was disappointed in the price increases, but I am hoping for new Pentax lenses with the optical quality of the 16-50/50-135, but with a new SDM motor that is more reliable.

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