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Re: For people who do both stills & video....

The GH3 isn't even out yet, so the question is difficult to answer.

The future is mirror-less. MFT/M43 as a format has lots of compelling attributes. Panasonic and Olympus have been at this longer than anyone, so they have lots of feedback from users, from rank amateurs to advanced pros doing hybrid work.

The GH3 should be a culmination of the best lessons learned from that feedback. If you look at the effort that went into the G5, and extrapolate to the high end category, I think it's pretty obvious they want to put all their best ideas in it. Not only will they want to top the Olympus OM-D EM5, but they will want to provide as many compelling reasons for pros to switch platforms when possible.

I'm like Will, I think we have to look forward, and to be ready for the onslaught of demand for hybrid imaging services. We should see strong competition in the pro market from nimble photographers using these mirror-less formats.

Sure, right now a Nikon D800 is mighty powerful and very attractive as a super high quality imaging tool. But it is mighty big, heavy, and expensive compared to M43, and the lenses that go with it are big and heavy, too.

For a large portion of what I do (photo illustration, photojournalism, training videos, and corporate image and sales award videos), the GH2 would work. The GH3 probably WILL be my next system camera of choice, if rumors are true. But, like Will Crockett, I'll wait and see.

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