will there ever be NEX 7 firmware update? :(

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Re: will there ever be NEX 7 firmware update? :(

The OP had it right, if you actually use the NEX 7 you will note that there are more bugs in the firmware then an oversized ant hill........ The HDR system is a joke, and has been improved on most models, in camera processing, the inadvertant video button, its interation and ability to rebuild data base files in camera etc etc etc.

Not sure if I am more annoyed with the firmware or with the lack of Emount glass. A camera with one lens that is a performer ?????

All of this being said there is nowhere else to go, so I will grin and bare it. I love the form factor of the 7 and sensor.....

Sony had a grand slam home run and they took a page out of panasonics playbook and squandered it....

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