Beautiful Cheerleaders, D70-D80

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Re: Beautiful Cheerleaders, D70-D80

jammerbirdi_1 wrote:

Thank you, John.

RE: WB on this shot. Well, for one thing, you're looking at this shot through 2012 eyes.

That was a D70 and the light in the old Sports Arena here in LA was dismal and uneven. As you pushed the ISO of a D70 up you got not only noise but washed out uneven color. Color was also uneven from the floor to shooting in the stands and even along the baseline.

I don't do baseline photography anymore, but I can tell by looking at the NBA Getty shots of NBA and WNBA action on the league's websites, in as consistent lighting as you can get and with the same professional photographers shooting in the same arenas year in and year out, colors are still often way off.

Also, there's a very real factor that sometimes imperfect white balance works better than corrected white balance. You can wash all the joy out of some shots taken in artificial light trying to correct the white balance. Anyway. Not sure that applies in this case but it might have. Can recall lots of issues with the D70 in trying to either get or hang onto good color shooting in basketball arenas.

I personally think the white balance is fine under the low light conditions and artificial lighting.

azguy wrote:

Yes, very nice, and interesting article. The sample you posted needs a little white balance work though.

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