Nex-5R or Nex-7

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Re: Nex-5R or Nex-7

How big are you making prints? Or how much cropping do you plan on doing?

16MP is great resolution. Less noise, too.

Also, less stress on the smaller sensors if you dabble in legacy lenses.

I own a NEX 7. I manual focus most of the time, so the new AF doesn't mean much to me. I also print a lot of my work, up to 24x36 regularly. I've yet to have an issue with my 18MP 7D. I doubt you'll have much with 16MP either. Though the 24MP is should be realistic in what you'll use it for.

I may downgrade to a 6 to make use of wider legacy glass. But that's my thing. The only thing I prefer on the 7D is the Tri-nav. But, who knows....the NEX 6 interface could be pretty sweet too!

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