DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture

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Re: DAM thousands and thousands of photos in Aperture

Here's a tip I just learned the other day how to check if you need more memory for your mac and if so, how much.

Open up Activity monitor. On the lower part of the window, select System memory. Then merrily go about your tasks, running the programs you use and periodically go look at the "Swap Used" - that's how much disk space you're using because your RAM is full. The Swap used amount will give you a rough idea of how much additional memory you could use to alleviate slow disk-based virtual memory.

There are obviously many other factors that can dictate optimum RAM amounts, but this is a pretty good, simple rule of thumb.

My Macbook is the late 2008 aluminum unibody with 4gb ram. When I run Lightroom, DevonThink Pro Office, MS Office 2011 and the usual other things I run at startup, I'm swapping between 3 and 3.88 GB.

Fortunately, with the latest firmware update, I can put 8GB in my old machine, at a cost of about $55, which I'm about to do. Next is to add a 60gb SSD as a system/applications drive, with all other stuff going on my existing 640GB drive (which I'll relocate to the optical drive bay).

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