Poll: OM-D autofocus Issues

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NO - but only with 12-50

With the 12-50, my OM-D focuses faster than a bunny out of a bazooka.

When talking gear with other photographers I get a kick out of locking focus and taking photographs with the touch screen of alternating near and far objects, and while doing so I have made many a Canikon owner surprised with wide-eyed amazement. Typical reactions are "oh my god, I can't believe how fast that camera can focus!"

For the naysayers, I repeat the demonstration in MACRO and they suddenly see how incredibly useful it can be to select the focus point with the tip of a finger.

The 12-50 is the only native mF/T lens I own.

I demo the 14-54II to other past or current F/T owners on those rare occasions I bump into one.

To avoid looking like an idiot to the Canikon crowd, I refrain from doing demonstrations of my Sigma 1.8 24mm, Sigma 1.4 30mm or Olympus 70-300 unless I'm certain they understand these lenses weren't made for this camera.

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