DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

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Re: DA 16-50 and DA 50-135 prices doubled - It's an outrage

marike6 wrote:

OK, some are actually defending the doubling of price. So how many here would pay $1500 for an APS-C normal zoom the DA 16-50 2.8?

Before you answer, keep in mind that a FF tank of a lens like the Nikon 24-70 2.8 is only about $300 more than the 16-50. A lens like the Nikon will always work perfectly with all Nikon bodies, while the DA 16-50 2.8, if Pentax releases a FF K-5 replacement, will be useless.

The 24-70 isn't a very useful zoom range on APS, IMO, so who cares if it works well on the FX Nikon bodies?

I would never buy the 24-70 to use on the Nikon DX bodies where a wide zoom was needed, and certainly could not use it on a DX body to get anywhere near the same FOV range, so the double duty idea for this lens is more than a bit of a stretch. In fact it is a silly example.

Nikon does not have a lot of pro level DX zooms, but in this range they offer the 17-55 f2.8 if you want to compare a similar lens:


$1419 - No WR SRP=$1539.95

Some years ago, when the first round of Pentax price increases came around, I knew that Pentax would have a hard time with the customer base on pricing, and posted here saying so. You see, I knew that many had purchased Pentax or stayed with Pentax because the product was cheaper.

Pentax offered an incredible value for the price at the old pricing, and as long as the product was cheap, people would put up with not having some of the benefits or performance of the market leaders (although in some areas like IS, WR and construction, Pentax still gives you more than the competition for the same money).

Yes, many (most?) Pentax customers are cheapskates, and once you play the bottom feeder pricing game, it is very hard to go back.


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