will there ever be NEX 7 firmware update? :(

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Re: will there ever be NEX 7 firmware update? :(

skalsa1 wrote:

I also really like my N7. I only dont understand why they made such a good camera and thats all... no support. why? on the other side NEX cams are such great because sony always use their newest hardware with it... every eyer. but hey, please - just only one small change with new firmware to let me know my camera isnt ment like some kind of mistake by sony- like oh no, people dont want 24mpx, we will give them 16 MPX with nex 6 and forget NEX 7.. sony just isnt photograpghic company. and also hope photokina will save it

I'm not sure what support you need? Just to change the firmware for the sake of changing it?

So far, I've seen few things which merit firmware updates -- no persistent problems on the forums that aren't functional changes. The two consistent wishes are functional changes: changing AEB might be good but it's a known and advertised limit so the way it works is the way Sony told you it'd work, there is no flaw in the operation. As far as the video button goes, I suspect they'd get more support calls as people accidentally enable the restriction mode and then can't figure out how to activate the video.

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